10 Tips for Organizing an Older Adult’s Home

10 Tips for Organizing an Older Adult’s Home

Have you ever wondered how you could organize an older adult’s home? An older adult home has to be organized in such a way that it is safe and clear.If you’ve worked in older citizens’ home you’ll acknowledge that organizing an older adult home is quite different from a young person’s home. Older citizens preferences differ a lot from those of the younger generation. In most cases, they would prefer to downsize and have very little stuff in their homes. A small lake house or a fine country house could be a better choice to be far from the city noise. These older citizens are more likely to have health issues such as back pains, Knee injuries which might make find it difficult to bend or even walk upstairs.

Here are 10 tips for organizing an older adult’s home you should consider using.

1. Store all Items at a Waist Height
You aging parent or relative may be finding it difficult to bend to pick stored items. It’s therefore wise to ensure that all items are stored at a height of their waist. It ensures that they don’t struggle to access the items they use on a daily basis. Ensure that the items are stored at a height no lower than the upper thigh.

2. Ensure that all Stairways are Clear
Clear all the clutters from the stairways of the older adult home. It ensures they don’t stumble and fall due to carelessly placed clutters on stairways whereby they may end up injuring themselves. Furthermore, you need to make sure that there are enough lights on stairways, especially during the night.

3. Have a Spacious Kitchen
An Older adult home needs to have a spacious kitchen. It helps them to move freely in the kitchen while preparing their meals. You also need to buy a small rolling cart for moving their stuff around instead of carrying them.

4. Lock All Important Documents in One safe
Documents such as travel passports, their life insurance policies, wills, and account documents need to be kept in one secure, and safe place under lock. This is to make sure that they are safe and they can easily be retrieved when required. These documents are essential to your aging parents and they usually want to see them and ensure they’re not being misused by their children.

5. Keep all Valuables in One place Under Lock and Key
Most older adult homes are usually kept under the care of caregivers who walk in and out anytime. If valuables such as golden watches and rings are not kept securely they can easily disappear from an older adult home without any trace. You, therefore, need to keep such valuables in one place probably a safe under a key and lock.

6. Set aside a Place to Keep all the Bills
Be sure to keep all the bills in one place or folder. It will ensure that you can easily trace them when you want to clear them. It can be embarrassing having a utility such as water or electricity being cut off simply because you can’t find the bill to settle. A folder with enough tabs where you can write large words on it would be ideal for an older adult home.

7. Have a Recent Copy of Medication List and Post-it Somewhere Visible
You should post a copy of medication list somewhere easily visible so that the older adult can easily see it and remember to take their medication without fail. You can probably stick it on a kitchen refrigerator so that they can remember to take their drugs when preparing their meals.

8. Remove All Stuff from Floors and Stairs
You can possibly think about adding an extra rail to support extra staff. By reducing the stuff on floor and stair eases movement within the home.It also ensures that your stuff is safe and you don’t stumble on them while walking inside the house.

9. Hang all Baskets on Walls
The elder adult might need to take some items up the stairs. You’ll, therefore, to need to hang baskets used for keeping such items on walls near stairs. Shop for strong hanging baskets that you can easily hang on top or bottom of the stairs.

10. Get help from a Friend or Relative
Don’t do all the work yourself it might be quite cumbersome. Get help from either your friend or a relative to help you in removing the clutter. Your friend will be more than willing to help you organize an older adult home.

Organizing an older adult home is essential not only to the aging parents but also to other family members who may be visiting regularly. Start off slowly to organize your aging parents home and with time you’ll be done.