Making use of internet for elderly

Making use of internet for elderly

The world is a global village today. This is with the help of the internet. People being miles apart today is not a big deal. It makes the distance seem shorter. The power is just immense. You can hear people in real time and see them. This is how fascinating the internet is especially for elderly folk.

Well, children as well but not for long. Millennials and children after them won’t be as fascinated.

It is said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The internet though is a bit savage and is out to prove this statement wrong. Most things are moving fast and embracing the use. Technology as well is highly advanced through the internet. There is exchanging of ideas hence progress is as sure as death or taxes. The change is inevitable. It is therefore advisable to ensure the elderly get a hunch of what it is about. Be conversant with what happens online and its capabilities. Some may like their old way of doing things but with self-education there’s a lot of gratification. This is what the it can do for the elderly.

Firstly, the internet is a platform the elderly can use to learn. Well, one may ask a Dallas web design company what are they learning yet they are almost making space for other people on earth? Sounds sad but it’s the bitter truth. Knowledge gained is never wasted. It will impart someone somewhere. As oblivious as it sounds, it’s true. Old folk may prefer to read their newspaper that has been bought from the supermarket or dropped at the door as they are used. There is no harm though in learning how to access reading material through the internet. How about you mention it helps conserve trees? Less cutting of trees due to digital media? The elderly definitely want to leave the earth a better place. They will want to help in any way possible and this would certainly help them embrace it.

The older you get, the more you want your relationships to be intimate. You don’t know when the angel of death will visit you so you focus on the memories and experiences. Physical things don’t matter much. Communication is a means of having intimate relationships. The internet through vide calling platforms such as Skype facilitate this. The elderly want to see their loved ones daily if possible or hear from them. What better way to do so than through a video call? The internet just makes it easier.

Senior citizens have complained that the internet has enslaved their children and grandchildren. The gravity to this matter has to be addressed. It is valid and explains why some senior citizens are not keen to embrace the internet and what it can do for them. However, it is good to point out to them that you just have to have discipline. They are well disciplined for sure and this would not be an issue for them. Wait, it could. When they get excited about apps and games then end up being like toddlers on swings. Nonetheless, they just need to be sensitized on having self-control.

The internet has eased mobility. With age, mobility may become a challenge. It is a question of lifestyle and diet but majority of the population face this challenge for health. The internet is a sure way for the old folk to order in from stores, restaurants and even make their own travel plans. How exciting this would be for them. That through the comfort of their homes as they enjoy their old age and pension, they can get people to come to them because they made an order.

Another angle that may interest the elderly is finances and investments through the internet. Unlike previous years where one had to be say present at the stocks to trade, one can do it online. This will definitely interest them. Today investments online are just crazy. From cryptocurrency to forex and real estate. All this one can do by teaching themselves too.

The old in society love to share their stories and experiences. They want to talk about when they were young. Telling millennials and any one who care to listen about what happened when they were young. Perhaps it’s stories from previous generations. Experiences they had either through work or other spheres.

The internet provides the perfect platform through blogs. With the number of people inclines to the internet globally, a blog would be perfect for the elderly. Just like you are reading this to know about making use of the internet for elderly, so would you learn about their experiences. The internet has enough room to accommodate all and sundry. The more the merrier because it will be an informed world.